Meskwaki Federal Services

Meskwaki Federal Services is a contracting division of Meskwaki, Inc., headquartered in Tama, Iowa, that focuses on providing exemplary services to a variety of federal agencies in the United States. Working as a minority-owned business, Meskwaki Federal Services provides expert and professional assistance to federal and commercial agencies at various levels.



Meskwaki Federal Services is dedicated to bringing high-quality, expert-driven services as your trusted partner in federal and commercial agencies. Through these partnerships, Meskwaki Federal Services will provide technology support, facility and management services, legal support and more.

Meskwaki Federal Services is a division of Meskwaki, Inc., an economic diversification effort wholly owned by the Meskwaki Tribe in Tama, Iowa, the only federally recognized tribe in the state of Iowa. The Meskwaki Nation has a long-standing tradition of working with and working for the United States government and military agencies. With centuries of tradition as Meskwaki warriors, the Tribe most notably assisted the US Military as code talkers in World War II.

Since 1992, the Meskwaki Nation was supported, in part, by the Meskwaki Bingo Casino and Hotel, located in Tama, Iowa. Meskwaki, Inc., an effort for the Meskwaki Nation to diversify economically to further support and assist the Tribe in growth and success, was formed in 2015. Meskwaki Federal Services, a division of Meskwaki, Inc., sought out the US Small Business Administration’s 8A Business Development Program certification as a minority-owned business in 2018. With this certification, Meskwaki Federal Services can bid on contracts with federal and military agencies to assist in expert services throughout a variety of industries.

As Meskwaki, Inc. continues to grow and thrive, revenue is returned to the Tribe to support further development and success of Tribal citizens. To retain talent from younger tribal citizens, Meskwaki, Inc. provides an extensive internship program for tribal citizens in post-secondary education. The program began in 2015 and has doubled in participants each year. Prospective interns are matched with a division of the company that will enrich their path of study. To date, interns have been placed in such divisions as retail management, sales, construction and executive assistance, among others.

Meskwaki, Inc. continues to provide high-quality partnerships through Meskwaki Federal Services contractual opportunities, offering a full range of experts to meet client needs. Contact Meskwaki Federal Services today. Managed services, managed better.

Fox Professional Services provides on-the-ground services to federal and commercial agencies, including telecommunications, healthcare, law, and financial sectors. This team of experts bring a variety of experience and are positioned to help with managed services and consulting, providing a superior service. With a leading team of experts, Fox Professional Services can assist with a variety of contracted work for clients.

Managed services provided by Fox Professional Services include help desk staffing, training, and database and facility management for federal and commercial agencies.

Fox Professional Services is a division of Meskwaki Federal Services and Meskwaki, Inc., a Native-owned economic development effort of the Sac and Fox Tribe.


Red Earth Technologies is a trusted provider of quality technology services paired with exceptional customer service to fit clients’ needs. Red Earth Technologies is staffed with experts to assist with a variety of technological needs at the federal and commercial levels. With exceptional customer services, Red Earth Technologies provides a variety of packages to assist with information technology, software development, and data processing facility management.

Red Earth Technologies is a division of Meskwaki Federal Services and Meskwaki, Inc., a Native-owned economic development effort of the Sac and Fox Tribe.